Triple Your Money in Six Years...


Is it possible to triple your money in as little as 6 years? Definitely! A modest investment of about $40K can turn into $120K easily. If your money isn’t getting that kind of return it may be time to rethink how to get the best use out of it. Real estate investments can also secure your future by ensuring you can retire rich. For all the information attend one of my regular meetings and see just how easy it can be to invest.

"We bought 2 investment properties from Leo since last June. One for our son and the other is rented thanks to the help of the property manager that Leo arranged for us. If we had known how simple this was we would have done it much sooner. Thanks for all your help Leo." Denise

"I would not hesitate to recommend your services. Always punctual for showings, good knowledge of value properties and of key investment areas within the city. Bonus of property manager to find first qualified tenant for income property." Eric

"We bought 2 investments properties through Leo, we loved his no pressure approach and the fact that he would not hesitate to point out issues with properties we were visiting. He contributed invaluable information about the units that he was digging who knows where, that was a big help in the negotiation phase. Overall we felt very comfortable launching ourselves into that adventure with his support." Francine

"I liked your help with my investment house purchase. Your help was critical to me, especially since you gave me good professional advice, helped me find solutions for repairs, help finding first tenant, doing all the paper work and giving me all the suggestions. Your consistent quick responses to my questions were impressive. Thanks for all your help." Shawn

"Hi Leo, as you know I have bought a few condos for investing purposes. It is still early to see how these units will end up in the end, but someone else is paying the mortgages on these places so that part is going well....All in all its still better than buying mutual funds." Cheers, Tony.

My meetings are comprehensive and FREE. The next one is scheduled as follows:
When: April 29th, 11 am 
Where: Right At Home Realty Ottawa, 14 Chamberlain St, Suite 101, Ottawa
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